LRF Pollack Night Games

Many thanks to Ward for pointing us in the right direction and urging us to continue further west than we fished last year.

Dan and I were much more confident this time around. The South Coast of England has had a much better winter and being further south still, in France, improved the outlook further.

We ended up further west than the submarine pens of Saint Nazaire in a seaside town that can only be described as LRF nirvana. A fairly long promenade featuring almost unlimited nooks and crannies, pontoons, fishing quays, and rocks. It was dark by the time we started fishing, but a number of artificial light sources made us feel that predators would be present.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before we saw some splashes signalling fish hunting on the surface. Although we never made contact with these surface fish, we located 7 or 8 Pollack in that area before retreating back to the warmth of the car. They were good sized fish (for us) and it was nice to get some action in February.