My First Mebaru

Continuing my Japanese adventure, this was a big event for me – my first ever Mebaru.

If you don’t already know, Mebaru are one of the most prized fish targeted by Light Rock Fishing methods in Japan. In fact a lot of the LRF tackle and techniques we’ve inherited come from Japanese fisherman targeting Mebaru. For me to have the opportunity to catch one in the LRF motherland is a dream come true.

I didn’t realise there were different sub-species of Mebaru. This one is the Ezo Mebaru, ‘Hokkaido edition’

I caught the fish in Rausu, situated on the Shiretoko peninsula of Hokkaido, in Japan.

Method was On-The-Drop and the lure was a pink Ecogear Shirasu.

Living the dream.