Long Spined Sea Scorpion

Well I’m delighted to say that the 2014 LRF season has finally started down on the south coast. I ended up having a fairly hectic, but great week of fishing – starting out on the boat, fishing some of our inshore marks towards Selsey, then shooting down to Brixham for some Light Game fun and then finally to my home town of Portsmouth for a mixture of LRF fishing styles.

After all the commotion of the past week I’ve just tallied up the species caught and it totals 10 lure caught species. I’m well happy about that for April and after such a slow start this year.

If you’ve been getting interested in LRF but haven’t yet ventured out – or if you’ve been out and been put off by a lack of fish / bites – now is the time to start your campaign. Inshore water temperature is increasing above 10 degrees, the fish are awakening from their winter slumber and spawning duties, and it would appear that they are hungry.

Go get ’em!