The Art of Fishing PlymouthIf you’re in the vicinity of Plymouth and fancy learning more about LRF, be sure to take up Ben from The Art of Fishing on his kind offer of free, friendly tutoring.

Starting from this coming Monday (1st October), Ben will be offering free fortnightly sessions to introduce people to the techniques – and most importantly, fun – of Light Rock Fishing. These sessions will start at 7pm and be fished in the Barbican area of Plymouth, lasting for as long as there is interest. It’s hard to imagine a better location for introductory LRF. Having fished there myself, I can say that. There’ll be somewhere to fish in all weather conditions with fish and fun guaranteed.

Don’t feel intimidated if you’re just starting out with LRF. Although these sessions aren’t exclusively for newbies, Ben has a great manner and will make you feel at home, no matter what your skill level. He’s pretty mean with an LRF rod but not shy in giving out tips – I’ve learned a few bits from him myself. Be sure to ask questions – even stupid ones.

Anyway, these are the dates so far. Meet outside of the Plymouth Art of Fishing shop at 7pm.

  1. Monday, 1st October, 7pm.
  2. Monday, 15th October, 7pm.
  3. Monday, 29th October, 7pm.
  4. Monday, 12th November, 7pm.

More information on The Art of Fishing website.