Long-spined Sea Scorpion
During a recent visit to catch up with the good people at Art of Fishing in Plymouth we had to have a little dabble in the excellent LRF that Plymouth and the surrounding area has to offer. Not though before we had spent plenty of time and maybe a few pennies in the new lure only shop the Ben and Jo along with Matt have created. Now I have not been given cake in a tackle shop before but then I have not attended an opening day of a tackle shop before so it may be the etiquette, either way the cake/fishing tackle combo is one that works for me!

Art of Fishing Plymouth
After plenty of conversation it was time to wet a line so along with Adam from light.rockfishing.co.uk. I took the advice of Ben and Matt and wandered around the harbour looking for a fish or two. I started with an Ecogear Aqua Katsu Mebaru Shirasu 2” on a jig head and was soon into Rock Gobies and Tompot Blennys, Adam on the other hand was on the drop shot with small worm imitations and found plenty of Pollack ready to take his lure on the drop.

Tompot Blenny Plymouth
As the evening drew in we found plenty of fish and ticked off a few species for the year, an LRF Poor Cod was very welcome as I had tried hard to get one last year without success. Without doubt though the highlight was an LRF Flounder that fell to Adams drop shot rigged Berkeley sandworm, this little flatfish is all to uncommon these days in our part of the world so it was great to see one again.

LRF Flounder Plymouth
We finished off with seven species in a just a few hours and only the need to sleep stopped us fishing through the night! Adam and I barely scratched the surface of what Plymouth has to offer and will be returning later in the year to catch up with the Art of Fishing folk and sample some summer LRF’in Plymouth style.