DNA Fishing Podcast
Welcome to the DNA FISHING PODCAST episode 1!!! My old pal, Dan Sissons and I have launched a podcast series and the first one is heavy on LRF & species hunting.

What better way to start this podcast journey than by Dan ‘N’ Ad (DNA, get it?) recalling our species hunting adventures from this year’s epic 2023 Cornish Lure Festival.

With this podcast series we aim to share our timely and topical thoughts on all things angling, offer seasonal & helpful advice (we hope), and perhaps optimistically entertain you from time to time (most likely at our own expense)! That’s our commitment to you. All free of charge.

We know this one is too long. We know the quality can be better. We know our jokes are bad. Bear with us. We are working on it. It starts here.

The DNA Fishing Podcast is available now on Amazon, Spotify, Apple & Google Podcasts. Or listen right here, below: