How to mount lure on jig head
Lure mounted straight on Jig Head
Here’s a pictorial example of how to rig a tiny 1-inch soft plastic shad (paddletail) on an equally tiny size 10, 1 gram jig head. The lure seen here is a HTO Stink Pots Paddle Tail and the jig head is a HTO Maikuro Head.

A picture paints a thousand words but, the key points seen here are an appropriately matched jig head and lure. The head marries well with the lure body. And more crucially, the hook point is clear enough of the lure body to achieve a good hook-up rate, without being too big and ungainly. It’s all about balance. The hook size looks balanced compared to the lure size.

The other key point with mounting is that the hook shank is perfectly straight inside the soft lure. Think of the hook shank as the lure’s spine. If it isn’t straight, the lure’s action will be compromised and may even spin when you retrieve it. Take your time and get it right before fishing. Easier said than done when you have fish in front of you!

Where the hook exits the lure body is simple enough to achieve with care. Offer up the jig head to the lure body before you insert it. Be sure and definite where you want the hook point to exit. Too short and there will be a gap between the lure and the lead head, and your lure might lack lateral stability. Too far and the lure body might bunch up on the hook shank, killing the lures intended action.

Hope that helps. If you have any specific questions about this topic, please use the comments section below.