HTO Tic Tac Metal Jigs
The new HTO Tic Tac metal jigs are finally in the shops. Excited to use them this coming year after lockdown curtailed the testing period. I had a few prototypes which proved to be great. Love the finish and dare I say, the quality of assist hooks is the best we’ve ever had at HTO. No need to upgrade these. Will save me time tinkering. Out the packet, straight in the fish!

For the first time ever, HTO has a 3g metal option. This is very much the realm of ‘nano metals‘, so that’s another exciting addition this year. The full range of sizes includes; 3g, 5g, 7g and 10g. Five colours in each. There’s a realistic ‘black back’ which features red gills, a cotton candy (which I fought for!), classic ‘gold red back’, pink sardine and a white silver baitfish pattern with a glow spot.

If you’re wondering why the lures in the image look a bit different, we swapped the assist cord to black for the production model, and by the looks of it the eye colour has changed as well.

Roll on the summer!

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