Daiwa Certate LTD 2004

Here’s a beautiful and rare spinning reel that I feel lucky to own. The Certate LTD 2004 is a limited edition 2010 Certate. What sets it apart from the standard Certate 10 is the custom, white reel body, white Zaion knob and black metal parts. The reel is genuinely rare and I don’t know which market it was released to. It’s most similar to the bright yellow Certate LTD that was released in Australia in a 2500 size. As I say, it’s precious, so I only fish it in the fairly safe environment of the canal. It is currently my first choice for canal perch fishing and a pleasure to use. Line-wise, it is currently loaded with the equally exquisite YGK Real Dtex WX8 – possibly the most expensive braid I have ever bought!