Ruffe on Straight Lure
Straight lures, i.e lures that don’t feature a paddle / bobble / huddle type tail, can prove advantageous when targeting Ruffe. Fish like Ruffe that have a fairly small mouth can more easily ingest a straight lure which in turn translates to more hook-ups. The challenge then becomes a game of making these stick-type lures look alive, as there’s no tail design to impart action. Jigging is the way forward. Small, tight flicks keep the lure in a confined area, allowing the Ruffe to choose its moment to strike. A light jighead (sub 1 gram) can improve the success rate further. Certainly heavy jig heads will reduce your odds.

The lure shown here is the ever-dependable ‘Jaco Nail’ by Aquawave, in the Pearl Glow colour.

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