Illex Pepper S 220 UL

New White Abbreviated Reel Seat

Fuji Torzite Guides

The Illex Pepper was the first modern UL rod we fell in love with when we saw the original model back in 2011. For some reason neither of us has ever bought one. I can’t tell you why. It’s been like a scratch that needed to be itched. And then last year Chris, a good friend of ours did the deed.

So four years on, Illex have reworked the Pepper.

There’s been a number of additional models over the past few years – I would dearly like the Micro Jig Special – but this year the UL rod has been revamped. Still white but two additions immediately stand out. The addition of Fuji Torzites in KR configuration (big tick in the box for me) and a new, white, abbreviated reel seat. Both will increase the performance of the rod in my opinion. The rod feels crisper. Although I wasn’t able to confirm whether or not the blank has been upgraded, I think the added crispness comes from the new, lighter guides. It felt good with the waggle test. By the way, the rating is 0.4-7g. I keep talking about it, I know, but the abbreviated reel seat will add sensitivity. Also, 10cm longer than the old model, at 220cm.

Classic rod brought right up to date.