Sonik have increased their range of spinning rods with 3 new rockfishing rods aimed at the LRF starter market. Introducing the LRF Rockchamp Spin.

The range comprises of the following rods; a 7' 1-8g, a 7'6 3-10g and a 7'10 7-28g

The 7-28g wouldn't suit LRF in the purist form, but would be suitable for those interested in fishing heavier soft plastics for Wrasse in hard cover.

The retail price of all 3 rods is £59.99. For that price point you don't get branded fittings, but they've been creative and the butt section looks pretty - as it does on my SK4. I'm pleased to see ceramic guides on the Rockchamp. The alloy rings on my SK4 are its downfall in the salt. However, I would like to have seen a push-in ferule instead of a push over one, although I doubt it will make too much difference in practice (as long as it stays attached during casting). The rod is finished in an attractive metallic gloss and displays a white tip section. It looks the biz for the money. Oh, and there's a hook keeper too - very useful!

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