Reins Jig Zag Lures
I’ve always liked Reins and what the French Touch Fishing gang get up to over in France, so when one of the lads talked us through the merits of the Jig Zag method, of course I was committed. In short, these Jig Zag lures have a simple design with a triangular profile. They work by using a fairly stiff material to aid the shearing effect when jigged aggressively. Flat surface up, the lure will dart wildly when jigged upward. Flat surface down and they will glide attractively in multiple directions. It’s best to fish them on a flat sided jighead for optimum effect – like the Reins Aji-Meba Jig Head or specific Jig Zag Jig Head.

Although they were predominantly designed for finesse bass fishing in 8.5cm & 12.5cm lengths, we spotted these tiny rock fishing versions in the Reins Saltwater range. Looking forward to trying these if I can get hold of some. They will trigger lots of reaction bites from mini predators!