Fox Rage Drop Shotting Rods

Really enjoyed listening to Dietmar Isaiasch on the Fox stand demonstrating the Fox Rage range of lure tackle. Dietmar is clearly a lure fishing veteran with many years experience fishing and designing lures. The stand featured a metal lure tank which was remarkable at highlighting the vibration and sound of different lures – much better than a plastic tank. Although I got the feeling that Dietmar predominantly fishes for freshwater predators he showed knowledge of fishing for ‘sea bass’ in Europe. I learned a couple of nice tips.

Most of the tackle on display was targeted at the heavier disciplines of the sport but there were a few nice bits for light lure fishing. The Fox Rage Warrior Mini Fry looked decent – a 2.7 inch paddletail. The stickleback colour scheme looked good. There was also quite a bit of dedicated dropshot gear – a favourite of mine – including a 6’6″ ‘Finesse’ drop shot rod rated 3-14g

More information on the Fox Rage website