tubular tip rod

Tubular vs Solid Tip

Tubular or Solid Tip
My understanding of rod design and rod performance has accelerated since I started fishing for Perch in my local canal. Unlike the sea, conditions are more often than not suitable for throwing the tiniest lures. We're often talking 1-inch plastics and jigheads under a gram. To me, it's this style of fishing that has amplified the importance of using a balanced outfit. I thought I'd share where my head is at currently. Subject to change.Read more

Gear Of The Year 2014

Promised myself I would share my favourite gear of the year as we approach the end of 2014. And what a year it's been! UK lure fishing has gone from strength to strength. LRF seemed to explode. Feels almost commonplace in some areas now. We gained a lure fishing series that saw our techniques and tackle tested. And more mainstream tackle manufacturers tried to get in on the act. So what did I like and why? Read more

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