Apres BLAC Trouting

Mark Taylor

After the Hungerford BLAC event on Saturday, Newbury angler Mark Taylor kindly offered to show me around some of his local trout waters. I duly obliged.Read more

Old Brown Trout on Alderney

Trout on Alderney

I definitely wasn't expecting this from the sea angling nirvana of Alderney. As such, probably my favourite fish of our trip. Read more

PB Brown Trout

Okay, it's closed season, but this bycatch Brown Trout was very welcome after a drought (fish not rain!) Read more

Cotswold Predator Classic

Cotswold Predator Classic

Today saw 32 anglers, myself included, fish the inaugural Cotswold Predator Classic at Watermark Fisheries, near Cirencester.

With perhaps the hardest frost of the winter so far and after a week of torrential rain that saw the venue flood, the conditions could have been better. However the wind had finally dropped and it was a nice, sunny day to be outside after all the Christmas festivities. Read more

Meet Masaaki

Great day today in tough conditions. Had the pleasure of meeting up with Masaaki Fukuoka from Japan. Read more

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