tompot blenny

Reeling in to discover that you’ve caught a characterful Tompot Blenny is always a pleasurable experience. With it’s often colourful camouflage and a set of charming ‘eyebrows’, the Tompot Blenny has to be one of the most charismatic creatures you will encounter. An out-and-out ‘rockfish’ and a specific target for LRF.

Lure Heaven Species Hunt Part 2

With a widening gap between myself and the others fishing the Lure Heaven UK Species Hunt and the summer life draining out of the sea on a daily basis now, I headed west to Plymouth at the weekend to see how many ‘summer’ species I could tick off before they left our shoresRead more

LRF Plymouth Style

Long-spined Sea Scorpion
During a recent visit to catch up with the good people at Art of Fishing in Plymouth we had to have a little dabble in the excellent LRF that Plymouth and the surrounding area has to offer. Not though before we had spent plenty of time and maybe a few pennies in the new lure only shop the Ben and Jo along with Matt have created. Now I have not been given cake in a tackle shop before but then I have not attended an opening day of a tackle shop before so it may be the etiquette, either way the cake/fishing tackle combo is one that works for me! Read more

Light Rock Fishing | LRF