Gear Of The Year 2014

Promised myself I would share my favourite gear of the year as we approach the end of 2014. And what a year it's been! UK lure fishing has gone from strength to strength. LRF seemed to explode. Feels almost commonplace in some areas now. We gained a lure fishing series that saw our techniques and tackle tested. And more mainstream tackle manufacturers tried to get in on the act. So what did I like and why? Read more

Bass and Blue Skies

Bass on a Bucktail Jig

It's all too rare to get a day fishing with both the weather AND the fish. What a cracking day! This thin, but very welcome Bass took a Spro Mini Bucktail Jig skipped across a sandy ledge. An ultralight approach proving that clear, bright conditions aren't so tough after all. 4lb fluorocarbon leader. 7g rod. Great fun.

Light Rock Fishing | LRF