HTO Stink Pots Pics

HTO Stink Pots Pike

A few pictures I wasn't able to share at the time, while I was testing the HTO Stink Pots lures ahead of launch. Read more

Mixed Light Boat Fishing

Found some good fun out on the boat. With small neap tides and light winds in the morning we were able to fish LRF tackle both at anchor and on the drift. Read more

Fox Rage & Dietmar Isaiasch

Really enjoyed listening to Dietmar Isaiasch on the Fox stand demonstrating the Fox Rage range of lure tackle. Dietmar is clearly a lure fishing veteran with many years experience fishing and designing lures. The stand featured a metal lure tank which was remarkable at highlighting the vibration and sound of different lures - much better than a plastic tank. Although I got the feeling that Dietmar predominantly fishes for freshwater predators he showed knowledge of fishing for 'sea bass' in Europe. I learned a couple of nice tips.Read more

New Fiiish Black Minnow 70

New Fiiish Black Minnow 70

UK distributor, Top Water Lures had cleverly got top French lure manufacturer Fiiish on their stand at the Tackle and Guns show today. It gave me an opportunity to see the new, baby Black Minnow 70. It measures 3 inches and features the same super-soft body, large paddle tail and fish catching action as the bigger models. The finely matched 3g head holds an offset hook that is fished weedless. Look forward to trying it out.

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