metal jig

Using Metal Jigs is one of the most active and exciting methods in the LRF arsenal. Metal Jigs are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes and colours and can be fitted with small treble hooks, singles, or assists. The are normally cast out or jigged vertically in deep water. Sink-and-draw is a successful technique and fish will often attack the metal lure on-the-drop.

Damiki Balhae Micro Jigs

Damiki Balhae Micro Jigs

New purchase. Appeased my metal addiction with a couple of these awesome looking Balhae micro metal jigs from Damiki. At first they looked like stretched Quantum Mahi jigs but on the reverse side to the eye they have a nice cut away design. I'm looking forward to trying them once I swap the treble over to assists.

Mixed Light Boat Fishing

Found some good fun out on the boat. With small neap tides and light winds in the morning we were able to fish LRF tackle both at anchor and on the drift. Read more

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