2015 Daiwa France Goodies

Daiwa Bits Boxes

I love Daiwa France. In Europe, they're the closest link we have to the wonderful world of Daiwa Japan. Read more

Daiwa Trousse à Jig (Jig Kit)

Trousse à Jig
I really liked this compact lure wallet found tucked away on the Daiwa stand. Right up my street. Double sided. On one side, under a Velcro flap, are three pockets that look to be perfect size to hold more than enough soft-plastic packets for a session. Unzipping the other side reveals a foam pad for holding jigheads, hardbaits and metals. Plus there's an internal mesh pocket for accessories and leader, etc. Read more

Hookers French Boxes

Hookers French Boxes

Check out these ultra cool tackle boxes from French Touch Fishing.

Let's face it, technology can only go so far with a bits box. So when you choose one, might as well get one from a brand you love. For me, it doesn't get a lot cooler than FTF's Hookers brand. Read more

Gear Of The Year 2014

Promised myself I would share my favourite gear of the year as we approach the end of 2014. And what a year it's been! UK lure fishing has gone from strength to strength. LRF seemed to explode. Feels almost commonplace in some areas now. We gained a lure fishing series that saw our techniques and tackle tested. And more mainstream tackle manufacturers tried to get in on the act. So what did I like and why? Read more

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