Cornish Lure Festival 2015

Giant Goby Cornwall

The mileometer said 620 miles, but all except the trip home flew by. Cornwall, you are incredible. Read more

Cornish Lure Festival 2013

Rock Cook Cornish Lure Festival

The 2013 Cornish Lure Festival - what a fantastic event!

July 5th saw myself and the other half set off early for Cornwall. With sunny weather and low winds forecast, it didn't look perfect for the Bass comp but for me and the species hunting crew, it looked bloody perfect! Read more

Xesta After Burner Mini Casting Jigs

Xesta After Burner Mini Casting Jigs

Really like these new Xesta After Burner Mini casting jigs, sourced from Art of Fishing while I was down in Cornwall. Not as cheap as the Quantum Mahi jigs but at £5.99 they aren't the most expensive either. Great looking jig with a manic fluttering action. I took my recent Launce on the 7g version, as well as a ton of Pollock.

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