Be Free Texas Rig

JungleGym Bean Sinker
JungleGym Beans
In my last post I mentioned I was playing with JungleGym’s ‘Be Free Texas’ rig. So far so good. It’s a glorified weedless Texas rig but using JungleGym’s Bean Sinker and their ringed offset hook (Ring Rocker). With the addition of stop a few inches above the weight (Move Stopper) you have a kind of bolt rig. Read more

Dawlish LRF

Ballan Wrasse at Dawlish

With an extended bank holiday weekend and a decent forecast we jumped in the van and headed down the A303 to Devon, for a spot of camping. Dawlish Warren was our chosen destination and although this wasn’t a fishing trip, of course the lure rods came along too. Read more

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