I’ve Joined Tronix / HTO


Extremely pleased to announce that I have joined the happy family over at Tronix / HTO. Proud to have the opportunity to assist the team with the evolution of this British tackle brand. It certainly feels to me that George has created the right environment to do so. How many other brands, as large as Tronix have a guvnor that actively enjoys LRF!

Here's the official announcement with a little more detail on why I joined: Adam Kirby joins Tronix / HTO Team

Perching with George Cunningham

George's First Perch

Without doubt, George Cunningham has had a huge influence on the state of light lure fishing here in the UK. George's homegrown HTO brand has made it possible for thousands of people to try out LRF and ultralight fishing, without breaking the bank, discovering the addictive fun of these methods. By all accounts, the HTO Rockfish UL remains one of the best selling spinning rods of all time. So, when my threat of taking George Perch fishing on the Kennet & Avon finally looked like a goer last week, we were both really looking forward to it. Read more

HTO Rockfish Deluxe LRF Rod

Big news. New Tronixpro HTO Rockfish rods...

Read more

Tronix LRF Rods

Star of the show for me was the Tronix Pro LRF rod. Although not a brand new item, it was the first time I have got to waggle and flex the little 0.5-7g rated, TronixPro HTO Rockfish UL. There's one rating that sets this rod apart from the masses of LRF rods now available - the price!Read more

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