Decoy Goodness

Decoy SV-45 Slide Bomb

Picked out these new Decoy finesse items on the Ultimate Fishing stand: Read more

2015 Daiwa France Goodies

Daiwa Bits Boxes

I love Daiwa France. In Europe, they're the closest link we have to the wonderful world of Daiwa Japan. Read more

Vanfook Worm 35B Flat Offset Hooks

Vanfook Worm 35B Flat Offset Hooks

Liked the look of these fine offset hooks on the Lure Heaven UK stand today - the Vanfook Worm 35B Flat offset hook. Nice sized gape for fishing LRF sized worm baits like the new XL Marukyu Isome. Springy enough to ping out of snags if you do lock up. Small sizes available. Vanfook is fast becoming a favourite of mine. Nice range. Hopefully get more pics on here tomorrow.

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