LRF West of Nantes

LRF Pollack Night Games

Many thanks to Ward for pointing us in the right direction and urging us to continue further west than we fished last year. Read more

LRF in Saint-Nazaire

Saint Nazaire Street Fishing

16th February 2014 was a day I'll remember for a long time. After two enjoyable days at Salon des Peches en Mer in Nantes, getting acquainted with all the latest lure fishing tackle, we decided to have some fun fishing. Read more

Salon des Peche en Mer Nantes Fishing Expo

Salon Europeen des Peches en Mer
For the past few years we have made the trip over to Nantes for the Salon Peche en Mer fishing show. An overnight ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo and a bit of a road trip down to Nantes gives us plenty of time indulge ourselves in non-stop fishing conversation, which is sweet relief from the work based panic that builds up to a weekend away.

For anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to attend this event it's a lure angler's dream with all the main players involved and the bonus of largely being relevant to what we do over here in the UK. Or should I say the UK lure scene is now relevant to what our French counterparts have been doing for some time. The sheer amount of information to digest is huge and we are still working through various catalogues and creating a virtual shopping list for the year ahead. But here are a few highlights to whet the appetite for the upcoming season. Read more

Salon Europeen des Peches en Mer 2013

Salon Europeen des Peches en Mer 2013

We had a splendid time in France at the Salon Europeen des Peches en Mer 2013. There were a few noticeable absentees this year (including Shimano & Garbolino) but the show centrepiece - 'Focus on Japan' - more than made up for it, with dozens of Japanese prostaff, tackle designers and reps showing off some of the very best lure fishing tackle in the world. Even better, almost all spoke better English than they did French so were more than happy to chat about their experience. Short of travelling to somewhere like ICAST in the states, or Japan itself, I'll be surprised if I get that opportunity again. Amazing!

If you missed all our tweets and the dozens of pictures we took at the show you can still check them out here using the hash tag #nantesfishingshow

I will endeavor to get as many of the LRF related pictures on this site as I can. Bear with me!

LRF St Malo

Managed a half-hearted LRF session in St Malo before catching the ferry back to Portsmouth. Tide and temperature were not on my side but I was determined to catch a fish, so set my sights high with a goby. Job done. Pretty ordinary Black Goby, but a great backdrop. Looking forward to returning one day for a proper go at it - look at all that structure!

Light Rock Fishing | LRF