LRF in Spain

Over visiting my mother in Spain at the moment. Got the chance to fish for a few hours today. Nothing too serious - just a bit of fun with a handful of tackle and a pack of Isome. As ever, my mum caught the best fish of the day! #standard Read more

Drop Shotting for Perch

I was determined to go drop shotting for Perch today, despite the weather. If anything, my local canal seems to have become clearer with all this rain we've been having. By the sounds of it, others haven't been so lucky.Read more

Fox Rage & Dietmar Isaiasch

Really enjoyed listening to Dietmar Isaiasch on the Fox stand demonstrating the Fox Rage range of lure tackle. Dietmar is clearly a lure fishing veteran with many years experience fishing and designing lures. The stand featured a metal lure tank which was remarkable at highlighting the vibration and sound of different lures - much better than a plastic tank. Although I got the feeling that Dietmar predominantly fishes for freshwater predators he showed knowledge of fishing for 'sea bass' in Europe. I learned a couple of nice tips.Read more

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