Corkwing Invasion

Corkwing Wrasse

Awesome time in Dorset this weekend. There were Corkwing Wrasse EVERYWHERE! Catching anything else was a challenge. However, hard to be annoyed by a fish as pretty as this.

Rockfishing With Masa

Rockfishing with Masa

Masa and I had a great day rockfishing at Kimmeridge in Dorset. It was a beautiful day on the rocks and I finally got a proper 'rockfish' for Masa, before he heads back to Japan. Great memories for us both.

I'll skip over the bit about 'someone' losing the immobiliser fob for the van!

Light Rock Fishing Kimmeridge Bay

Last stop in my Dorset smackdown was Kimmeridge Bay - a mark with almost cult status - especially for Bass. But I had LRF wrasse on my mind...Read more

Thin Lipped Mullet on LRF Tackle

During our Dorset recce, Dan and I stopped off in Weymouth Harbour for a quick hour long session. We were expecting the usuals but instead found a load of mullet, clearly feeding - rare! Read more

LRF in Dorset Echo

LRF in Dorset EchoAlways really pleased to see individuals leading the light rock fishing revolution and raising the profile of our sport. Hats off to Will Harding and the Weymouth LRF massive for getting light rock fishing into the Dorset Echo newspaper - in print and online!

After a number of events and meetings recently, it looks like Weymouth is set up as the hub for Dorset LRF - they've got some great venues too. Hopefully I can get down and fish one of the weekly meets one time.

Read the full article here: LRF in Dorset Echo

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