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Fort Myers Beach, Florida

My First Snook

Just back from 5 unforgettable days in Florida, based in the Fort Myers Beach area, close to the stunning Sanibel Island and the Ding Darling wildlife reserve. Read more

April Wrasse Fishing

Dorset Ballan Wrasse

Enjoyable day on the Dorset coast with Dan and Chris. While the wrasse fishing is still only a fraction of what it will be in the next couple of months, it still felt rewarding. Each of us caught. Creature baits were the key. Crystal clear water conditions. You can’t beat the ‘tonk’ of a bite from a Ballan Wrasse. I’m an addict!

Perch on HTO Creatures

Perch on Orange HTO Bug-ga

With an icy cold wind chilling the canal I thought the Perch might need a bigger meal to get them moving today. So I spent the afternoon with HTO’s creature baits – the Bug-ga and the Paddle Bug. Read more

Be Free Texas Rig

JungleGym Bean Sinker
JungleGym Beans
In my last post I mentioned I was playing with JungleGym’s ‘Be Free Texas’ rig. So far so good. It’s a glorified weedless Texas rig but using JungleGym’s Bean Sinker and their ringed offset hook (Ring Rocker). With the addition of stop a few inches above the weight (Move Stopper) you have a kind of bolt rig. Read more

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