Berkley Powerbait Perch Lures

Two more lures from Berkley Powerbait that caught my eye. Would be happy using either of these 2-inch lures on the UL for the Perch. Both the Gotam Shad and the Drop Shot Minnow feature holographic flash and bright colours – ideal for the canal.

Tough On The Canal Now

Tough On The Canal Now

Being landlocked for the weekend meant a trip to the canal was in order. Unfortunately on arrival I was immediately reminded of the poor water clarity once the boat traffic gets going at this time of year. Disappointed and with confidence knocked I fished on and felt lucky to save the blank with this Perch. Time for a re-think.

Sub Zero Angling

I had a rare, full pass for this weekend so despite the freezing conditions it was full steam ahead to try and make the most of it. Read more

Spinning for Perch

Dan joined me for the last fishing of the year today and I’m pleased to say it was successful with us catching maybe twenty Perch between us. But what a contrast Read more

Drop Shotting for Perch

I was determined to go drop shotting for Perch today, despite the weather. If anything, my local canal seems to have become clearer with all this rain we’ve been having. By the sounds of it, others haven’t been so lucky.Read more

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