black goby

The Black Goby is the most common of the goby species we frequently come across, here on the south coast. While fairly commonplace and drab looking, the Black Goby has saved many a blank. Normally targeted with artificial worm close to the sea bed. Generally found near mud, the Black Goby can live in a burrow and consequently small bites that end in a snag, are often caused by these fish retreating back into their homes.

LRF Night Game

LRF Scorpion at Night

Drove down to Portsmouth last night to catch up with Dan and Chris. Would have been rude not to do a little Night Game.

Rainy night but wind was much lower than forecast. Fairly pleasant. 6 species in total. Bonus was a little Bass that beat the Pollack to a white Aqua Straight OTD.

As ever, find floodlights for the most fun.

Spanish LRF


Back from a top week in Spain visiting my mum. It was minging hot, so snorkelling was mostly the preferred pastime but I did get to flex the travel rod here and there, trying to notch up the species count. Read more

Mini Species Still Around

Awoke in Portsmouth this morning after a night out with the lads. With only a mild hangover I thought I'd try down the Camber for an hour or so to see if there were any signs of life this close to Christmas. Thankfully there was. Read more

Mixed Light Boat Fishing

Found some good fun out on the boat. With small neap tides and light winds in the morning we were able to fish LRF tackle both at anchor and on the drift. Read more

On the Scoreboard

On the Scoreboard

Hopefully it won't take too much longer for the saltwater sport to pick up on the south coast. I did pop out tonight and got a few bites but nothing too exciting. Managed this tiny Black Goby and an equally tiny Pollock. But at least the 2013 tally has started finally.

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