Arguably the Bass is the nations favourite sea fish to target with lures. With this cagey adversary, LRF tackle and techniques can offer an advantage in terms of stealth and subtlety. Find a shoal of even smallish Bass and expect a huge amount of fun catching them on lightly fished soft-plastics and metals. Make sure you’ve set your drag correctly!

Bass and Blue Skies

Bass on a Bucktail Jig

It's all too rare to get a day fishing with both the weather AND the fish. What a cracking day! This thin, but very welcome Bass took a Spro Mini Bucktail Jig skipped across a sandy ledge. An ultralight approach proving that clear, bright conditions aren't so tough after all. 4lb fluorocarbon leader. 7g rod. Great fun.

Lots of LRF Bass

Lots of LRF Bass

Love this picture of LRF newcomer and good friend, Chris. If ever there was a smile that said 'first LRF Bass'. This is fun fishing!

Chris and Dan have been having lots of Bass on LRF tactics down in Portsmouth. I'm glad. No really, I am...

Light Bass Fishing

So if you read my previous post you know I hooked a small Bass while wrasse fishing in Kimmeridge Bay and it changed my perspective on things. Read more

Light Rock Fishing Kimmeridge Bay

Last stop in my Dorset smackdown was Kimmeridge Bay - a mark with almost cult status - especially for Bass. But I had LRF wrasse on my mind...Read more

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