X-Layer = Bass

My Bass fishing received a well timed boost last week with a couple of decent sessions. I went back to what I know and rekindled my relationship with the X-Layer with instant reward. Not that I had gone off these lures, I just wanted to use everything else I had instead, and this had kind of confused my fishing a bit. So after a look back at last years Bass fishing it was quite clear the X-Layers caught me fish, simple. So with a clearer plan and many less lures in my bag I ended up on my usual spot at the right state of tide two days in a row. Read more

Catching up – LRF

First of all I should explain my absence over the past few weeks. A combination of no internet and a ton of work to be finished at home have stopped me getting online to update the blog, but I have managed to get fishing now and again. I have been concentrating on LRF from the shore in an attempt to boost my species count but at the same time keeping half an eye open for Bass. Read more

Light Rock Fishing | LRF