500th Post!

500th PostAmazingly, this is the 500th post on the Light Rockfishing Blog! When I set this website up in 2011 I knew LRF was going to be an interesting ride, but had no idea just how much lure fishing would take over my angling (okay, my life). From LRF to wrasse, boat, bass and freshwater I'm enjoying the ride. But despite so many distractions I've tried to stay dedicated to this little LRF blog and here we are - the 500th post. Read more

HTO LRF Fish Measure

Mackerel on HTO LRF Measure

I've ditched my old measuring tape and moved over to using the awesome HTO LRF Measure. It's basically a handy, telescopic fish measure that expands from 15cm to 50cm. Read more

Meiho Liquid Packs

Meiho Liquid Packs

With species hunt season upon us - Cornish Lure Festival this weekend - flavoured baits like Marukyu Isome, EcogearAqua and Gulp become more important in the quest for extra species. Carrying these baits and the smelly liquid they come suspended in, isn't without its problems. The fish attracting properties of these liquids does not appear to extend to loved ones! Read more


Sorry if you've been trying to contact me through the blog. I've just discovered there was a problem with the website.

I have just responded to all the emails I could retrieve, so if you haven't had a response from me - sorry - but could you please resend. I'll come back to you as soon as I can.

Cheers. Adam

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