HTO Flail

Cut Back HTO Flail

I've been lucky. In a relatively short space of time I've clocked-up over 400 Perch captures on HTO lures alone - all detailed and logged. I've hardly been systematic in my approach to lure testing though. To be frank, I've spent most time trying to replicate the rigs that have done me well thus far. Why reinvent the wheel?

As a lure angler with an LRF background, I was immediately drawn to the familiarity of HTO's Flail - Read more

Busy With HTO

2lb 4oz Perch on HTO Flail

Thought I'd give a little update on what I've been up to of late. I've actually been really busy. Since joining Tronix / HTO almost a month today I've already done three magazine features on the Perch side. One on ultralight jigging for a tackle pull-out, one on Dropshot for the Angling Times and another for AT that's yet to be published - again on the lighter side of luring. It's been interesting as I've had to very quickly adapt my tackle choices, trying to replicate the winning formula with a new range of gear. Read more

I’ve Joined Tronix / HTO


Extremely pleased to announce that I have joined the happy family over at Tronix / HTO. Proud to have the opportunity to assist the team with the evolution of this British tackle brand. It certainly feels to me that George has created the right environment to do so. How many other brands, as large as Tronix have a guvnor that actively enjoys LRF!

Here's the official announcement with a little more detail on why I joined: Adam Kirby joins Tronix / HTO Team

British Street Fishing Champion

British Street Fishing Champion

It wasn't easy.

The Street League was an addition to this year's British Lure Angling Championships. Eight of the most urban BLAC qualifiers counted towards an ongoing league table of points. The higher you ranked in each, the more points you obtained. The bigger the turnout, the more points on offer.

Coming into a new season it was a big commitment upfront. Eight 'fishing tokens' spent before the year had even begun! But it felt right up my... err... street. Read more

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