Archive of all LRF fish caught in the month of June.

Target: Monster Rockfish

Lulworth Ballan Wrasse

What an incredible day down on the Purbecks, fishing among the fossils. Finally got to survey a stretch of coast I’ve wanted to fish for a number of years now. I definitely won’t leave it as long next time. The area around Lulworth, in Dorset is wrasse heaven. Read more

20 Wrasse Before Breakfast

Wrasse on One Up Shad

Has to be one my favourite venues. 20 Ballan Wrasse to LRF tactics before a fried breakfast in the sun. Simple Texas rig. Fished my favourite, Bug Ants, the super effective Lunker City Ribster and the world’s most expensive wrasse snacks – 2″ One Up Shads!

Bass and Blue Skies

Bass on a Bucktail Jig

It’s all too rare to get a day fishing with both the weather AND the fish. What a cracking day! This thin, but very welcome Bass took a Spro Mini Bucktail Jig skipped across a sandy ledge. An ultralight approach proving that clear, bright conditions aren’t so tough after all. 4lb fluorocarbon leader. 7g rod. Great fun.

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