Archive of all LRF fish caught in the month of April.

Filming with Tight Lines

LRF in Brixham

Pics from an unforgettable day with the Tight Lines crew down in Brixham. Always happy to be on fish catching duties. Got to meet Keith Arthur in person – legend! Thanks to Ben Field for inviting me. An absolute privilege.

Another LRF Plaice for Dan

A PB lure caught Plaice for Dan. Thin, early fish but went 2.5lb. Fought really well on his Tenryu Lunakia. Lure was an Ecogearaqua Milfle. More here: Langstone Angler

Mixed Light Boat Fishing

Found some good fun out on the boat. With small neap tides and light winds in the morning we were able to fish LRF tackle both at anchor and on the drift. Read more

Plaice on Lures

Gone are the days we dreamed whether Plaice could be caught on lures. I’m pleased to say this is the third season we’ve intentionally targeted and succeeded in catching Plaice on lures. Read more

Light Rock Fishing | LRF