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Dan Sissons has been fishing since the late 80s. Growing up by the sea in his home town of Portsmouth, Dan was introduced to sea fishing by his father, Bob Sissons. As an active, junior member of Southsea Sea Angling Club, Dan developed his angling career from both boat and shore. It was at SSAC that Dan and Adam Kirby first met and consequently fished and competed together. Life long friendships were forged. Skip to more recent times, Dan, Adam and third SSAC member, Pete Baker are proud owners of 'Drifter', a Raider 18, fast fisher boat and continue to fish the surrounding area, out of Langstone Harbour. Most recently, Dan has become smitten with modern lure fishing techniques and has an ethos to maximise the enjoyment from all species - big and small. While predominantly still a saltwater angler, Dan's fascination with lure angling has seen his skills transition over to the freshwater competition scene, culminating in second place in the grand final of the 2015 British Lure Angling Championships, fished by 60 of the country's best lure anglers. Dan has also won the coveted Species Hunt section of the Cornish Lure Festival. Along with Adam, Dan is a contributor to the UK's largest sea angling publication, Sea Angler.

Posts by Dan Sissons:

Plaice, Plastic… Perfect

Jighead Caught Plaice

As we fast approach May we are finally getting April's fishing. This time last year I had boated a few Bream and registered several more species but whether it's from boat or shore, this year has been tough. The bonus of not having anything silver to fish for yet is that the Plaice have demanded more attention when boat fishing and with the right set-up are entirely target-able with plastics. Last Sunday the weather gave us a window to try Hayling Bay again. Read more

LRF Plaice Kicks Off 2013

Plaice on Jig Head
Plaice dominate the local boat fishing at this time of year and traditionally herald the start of spring. Of course this year has been slightly different, what with winter out-staying its welcome. But rather surprisingly, the Plaice have been showing in very good numbers out of Southsea and Hayling Island beaches when the weather has actually allowed boats to get out. With some good numbers of fish being caught at some old traditional venues that have been poor for several years. The bonus being these marks are right on my sea-door-step and very lure friendly, so when the weather obliged last weekend we got old Drifter afloat and set about finding some fish. Read more

Salon des Peche en Mer Nantes Fishing Expo

Salon Europeen des Peches en Mer
For the past few years we have made the trip over to Nantes for the Salon Peche en Mer fishing show. An overnight ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo and a bit of a road trip down to Nantes gives us plenty of time indulge ourselves in non-stop fishing conversation, which is sweet relief from the work based panic that builds up to a weekend away.

For anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to attend this event it's a lure angler's dream with all the main players involved and the bonus of largely being relevant to what we do over here in the UK. Or should I say the UK lure scene is now relevant to what our French counterparts have been doing for some time. The sheer amount of information to digest is huge and we are still working through various catalogues and creating a virtual shopping list for the year ahead. But here are a few highlights to whet the appetite for the upcoming season. Read more

Tub Gurnard, Number Twenty-something

LRF Tub Gurnard

Like lots of fellow anglers I like to keep a tally of species every year and I enjoy the challenge of seeking out a particular species to tick off the list. In the old days of bait-only fishing I would hit maybe 18-20 species a year, but now I mainly lure fish that total has risen year on year. Before any bait-boys get there bait elastic in a twist, this isn't because fish all of a sudden like plastic more than food. It's purely down to the fact I am fishing more. Read more

Autumn Bassing

Small Boat Bass

As the heady days of summer disappear so does my late evenings spent wandering the shore looking for a Bass or two. There are still Bass to be caught from the beaches this time of year but to really get amongst a few fish, a boat is needed to get offshore a few miles and look for the shoals of Bass that are starting to feed up for winter. On a recent trip out we headed to some sand banks where we know the baitfish hang out this time of year and watched the fish-finder intently looking for the screen to show mid water clouds of prey that would give away the predators location. Read more

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