Wrasse on Nano Metal

One of the many highlights and discoveries in Japan was finding a growing choice of what can only be described as 'nano metals'. Those weighing under 3.5 grams. Lots of Japanese lure brands had extended the lightest end of their metal jig ranges, with lots of new models released or on the way. 1 gram metal jigs are very much now a thing!

With a really fun session last year, fishing a tiny 2g Reins Palpuntin, I didn't need much of a push to start hoarding micro shiny things, en masse. Some of my haul are shown in the photo above. Clockwise from top-right there's a 1.5g Tict Maetel Mini, 1.5g Little Jack Micro Adict, 1.5g Duo Tetra Jig and 1g Jackson Daniel.

Man, I can't wait until summer. Bring it on!

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